after having followed 

the path

for as long as I could

That path that was thin

and full of jagged pieces 

full of promise

and yet no promise at all

And having diverted

to larger shortcuts

to avoid these pains 

of loneliness

and the uncertainty of futures

Staggering along

the veil of earthly shadows 

and into a certain clearing,

I turned around to face 

my ghostly body,

cut and bleeding, 

not as a scorn 

not as a shame

but as a tribute, 

speaking in 

as confident of a voice 

that I have ever

spoken before,

I said to myself:

We have such

a short time


we have

such a long time 

Whenever you 

want to give up

remember that

the path 

that has caused you

much sorrow

Is the same path

that causes you

much joy 

And all the scars 

that bear witness 

to the madness

are the same wounds

now becoming

entries of light 

And all

that was tattered

and broken, (I said, 

with a promise that bore a smile) 

becomes lovely once again